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Brow Lifting

You’ll love your face with your new beautiful eyebrows

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Looking sleepy, sad, angry because of droopy and poorly located eyebrows? Struggling with wrinkles and frown lines?

Brow lifting will help you to transform your forehead and your whole face to make you more attractive and self-confident and stop looking angry, sad or sleepy.

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“For years, all I have been able to focus on was how SAD and droopy my eyes look on photos”

Genetics, aging, gravity and stress are causing your eyes to look the way
they are. They will make your eyes look:





Not only that, they will affect other parts and will cause:

Wrinkle lines that develop horizontally across the forehead

Wrinkle lines on the bridge of the nose and between your eyes

Frown lines

Sagging eyelids

Correct your brow

Having asymmetric eyebrows impacts the way you look and how your emotions are perceived. With brow lifting you can have a beautiful look and show a natural expression.

No wounds and no scars

“I feel like it makes me look so worn out and older than I am.”

Eyebrows have such a big impact on your general look. Sagging eyebrows are making you look older and can be demotivating. Giuseppe Colombo, MD, Ph.D. will help you to get the young beautiful look you desire.

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“Using makeup is demotivating for me”

If you feel like trying to put on makeup is tiring and a constant reminder of your droopy eyebrows, brow lifting can help you restore a natural look so you can enjoy using makeup.

Meet Giuseppe Colombo, MD, Ph.D

Giuseppe Colombo, MD, Ph.D. will help you to get beautifully raised eyebrows to enjoy your beauty, look younger and get back your love for yourself

Author and co-author of over 30 scientific articles published in international journals.

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery, at the University of Genoa with honors and a gold medal for academic value.

Specialization Diploma in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthestic Surgery with honors.

Book your consultation with Giuseppe Colombo,
MD, Ph.D., double board-certified plastic,
reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon

Frequently Asked Questions

A brow lift is for patients whose eyebrows are low and wish to improve the appearance of
their forehead and eyes.

Like all surgery, it is a question of pros and cons. You should analyze your appearance with
a practitioner who is going to help you decide the extent and manner in which a brow lift
would improve your appearance. That needs to be weighed together with costs, risks, and

The indication is not age; it is just a question of analyzing meticulously your face

Yes, a scalpel always leaves scars, but it’s easy to hide them. They will improve by the time.

A brow lift elevates the brows but doesn’t touch eyelid skin. An upper blepharoplasty
removes skin from the eyelids.

A brow lift does not erase those lines, but it dramatically reduces them.

The numbness will be light and can be easily controlled.

The pain is not significant.

It is highly individualized. As long as your work doesn’t involve straining and heavy lifting,
you can expect to be back to work after 7 to 10 days. For full recovery, it may take up to
four weeks.

It’s best to wait around 4 weeks.

You can lift a child that is up to 15 kilos right away.

Most patients get some bruising and swelling around their eyes after a brow lift, though
some get none. It usually fades by about five to seven days.

Swelling increases after the surgery, usually reaching a maximum of about 5-6 days after
surgery. After that, the swelling will subside, rapidly at first, and then gradually. After one
month, you’ll think the swelling is gone, but it will still go down more at three months, and
even more at six months and even a year, though at that point changes are subtle.

Usually, it doesn’t.

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